Hello, I’m Marco
Product Designer
based in New York City.

I make tools and simplify complexity. I’m a designer who can research, prototype, build design systems, and ship product.


  1. Interactive Grid

    Adjust grid patterns, size, colors, masking, and opacity.

  2. How to Design and Implemenent Theming

    Theming in design systems

  3. Why Implement Theming?

    Theming in design systems

  4. 2023 Year In Review

    Reflecting on what happened in 2023

  5. How I’ve Been Using AI

    A look back at how I used AI in 2023

  6. Create Clarity

    Fundamentals of interface design

  7. Create Hierarchy

    Fundamentals of interface design

  8. Make It Cohesive

    Fundamentals of interface design

  9. Milkshakes and Design

    Why a lecture on milkshakes got me into design

  10. See all writing