1. Code Syntax Highlighting

    Adding code syntax highlighting

  2. Quick Wins and Cleanups

    Applying fundamentals of good design to fix design debt

  3. Milkshakes and Design

    What a lecture about milkshakes taught me about design

  4. To Write, Repeatedly

    Why I’ve failed to write in the past, and what I’m doing differently now

  5. Why We Should Be Using Figma

    I'm convinced Figma is better and here's why

  6. Try It and See

    Why it's important to try it and see IRL

  7. Books for Designers

    A list of books and why I like them

  8. 2017 Year in Review

    Reflecting on my life in 2017

  9. 2016 Year in Review

    A look back on what I did in 2016

  10. 11 Rules I Strive to Follow

    A really old post that still rings true